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van Andel

Bel Engineering is the name of my own company, where I develop products at your request. My strengths are in the field of CAD work, with focus on complex assemblies and plastic parts. Any product with electronics integrated in an injection molded enclosure is something I can develop for you. These are in general mass-produced products, instead of one-off machines.

Job titles that suit me are Mechanical Architect, Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer, CAD designer, Product Development Engineer or the old Draftsman.

I’m looking forward developing with you!

Kind regards,
Hugo van Andel


Teaching Creo Surface Modeling to other engineers

Chairman of the Dutch PTC User group


R&D departments of middle and large size companies

Mechanical development & engineering departments

Design or consultancy agencies

Startups or entrepreneurs

Project teams working on innovations or next generation products

Suppliers with engineering capabilities

Companies working with Creo


Hourly rate on request. 

Rate depending on assignment, duration,
atmosphere, travel, license usage, etc.

ATOS pay terminal

Development of the most used pay terminal, including the electronics architecture

The Atos Pay Terminal is well known across Europe. During development the security of the product was top priority. Many safety features are incorporated in the design. The enclose consists of only two parts: the white outer shell and the grey inner part. These are complex and challenging injection molded parts with multiple wall thicknesses, but the supplier delivered excellent quality. The lightguides around the keys and the card slot are optical simulated.

Bosch Security Camera

Tight electronic integration in an aluminum enclosure

The development of a series security cameras for Bosch has followed the complete development process from sketch to finished product. Bel Engineering took the responsibility in the mechanical engineering of the product,  where complex injection molded aluminum enclosure parts and integration of the PCB stack lead to a compact camera without visible fasteners.

Handicare Trophy

From sketch to prototype to market leader in scootmobiles

The Trophy from Handicare is still the market leader in scootmobiles in the Netherlands. The development kicked off with the design sketch, which is translated in a 3D CAD model with the same high automotive quality class A surfaces. This CAD model was the base of further top-down development in Creo to a complete functional assembly. The frame is from sheetmetal and the visible outer components are painted injection molded parts. The travel of the suspension and the adjustable steering column are digitally verified.

Maxi Cosi Child Seat

Product optimized using complex digital crash tests.

Almost the complete program of Child Seats from Maxi Cosi is developed in cooperation with Bel Engineering. The requirements for Child Seats are high. The safety of the occupants is verified with crash tests, where the whole chain of components is subject to high impact forces. To achieve these proper designs, a collaboration with simulation agency Code-PS has taken place, where all the parts and their materials have been thoroughly simulated and optimized.

"Hugo is a pleasure to work with. Always looking for a way to take an idea to the next level."
Marnix Oosterwelder

Maxi Cosi Child Seat

From sketch to market leader: World first electronic Child Seat

The complexity of the assembly of all the parts of a child seats is not to be underestimated. The interaction and fit of all the components are tight, and are largely integrated in the main shape. All the materials and production methods of every part is thoroughly researched and optimized in cooperation with the suppliers. Easy of use and the movement of the several mechanisms are fully detailed in CAD. Even the fabrics pattern is based on the digital model.

Maxi Cosi Child Seat

Seeing my products produced at ease is the most satisfying moment of my job

An important user visible touch part  of the child seat is the bottom with a soft rubber edge, where the fabrics is tucked behind. This is molded with the 2K process at Timmerije in the Netherlands. After the first shot of black polypropylene as the base, the core of the mold turns in the injection molding machine to the next cavity, where the soft green thermoplastic rubber is injected to the part. At the same time the label is overmolded. The sheer size of this part and the complexity of the mold was a serious challenge, where Timmerije can be very proud of.

AC Charger

Smart AC Charger with large display

The AC Charger of AME is a development that takes a leap in future regulations and functionality. The user can see the status at a glance on the big display and the charges that might be deducted after a charging session.
The enclosure is sturdy and water tight, as it is an outdoor application. The installation is quick and very installer friendly, thanks to the smart quick-connect feature.

"Hugo will always go the extra mile. Just like his cars!"
Roelof van Driel
Project Leader

PTC Creo Parametric

The tool I’m proficient with!

Bel Engineering works with Creo Parametric from PTC, formerly knows as PRO/Engineer. It is an advanced 3D CAD package with smart methods for modelling, dependent interfaces and top-down design for complex assemblies. It is a powerful package with a lot of advanced features for cooperation. The history based CAD models are extremely robust, and hard changes are easy to implement, even at a late stage.

With more than 25 years of experience, I can say I am very proficient with it.
I am also the chairman if the independent Dutch PTC Usergroup, which has a yearly conference for users in the Benelux.

Surface modelling

The tool I’m proficient with!

Surface modelling is one of my major competences.

Complex 3D shapes are easy to create, with regards to the dimensions and requirements. Zebra stripes and curvature plots are tools to verify the quality of the reflection of the surfaces.

Surface modelling

Keeping a constant eye on the surface quality by doing frequent curvature checks and reflection analysis.

Class A Surface Modelling is known from the automotive world. It means that not only the surface is nice, but also how it reflects its surroundings.

Within Creo there are advanced methods to create these surfaces, and to tweak and verify them. Nice curves lead to nice surfaces, which are verified and maintained throughout the development process.

A well designed aesthetical outer surface on a technical product enhances its high-quality experience.

van Andel

My Skills, in order of level
Creo Parametric CAD
Class A Surface Modeling
Freeform & Concept Modeling
Product Development
Mechanical Engineering
Plastics Engineering
Injection Molding
Electronics Integration
Top Down Design
Large Assembly Management
Sheet Metal
3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping
Design for Manufacturing
Tool & Mould Design
Windchill PLM
Renderings & visualisations